Ready to take flight with your mortgage?

Welcome to flight school.

Learn To Fly

Just like a plane fare, there are many different home loan types to choose from, each with their ups and downs when it comes to features and flexibility.

We’re here to help you choose the right loan based on your needs and financial circumstances, help you calculate your mortgage repayments and get the approval process done right. 

Let’s start with understanding the different loan types:

Home Loan Type
The Ups
The Downs
Basic Variable
Pay additional payments over and above your standard payments, which can be redrawn at any time
Fewer bells and whistles
Standard Variable
Uber flexibility with more features, such as offset accounts (to help you save on interest), fixed vs variable rates, loan splits, reward points, low cost accounts and redraw
Annual package fees
Fixed Rate
Get the peace of mind of a guaranteed interest rate and repayment amount that won’t change during the fixed period of your loan
If the market experiences reductions in interest rates, you will not benefit from those rate reductions. You're limited to making additional repayments and will incur 'break' costs if you decide to change your loan during the fixed period of the loan
Split Rate
Create flexibility and stability by way of differing loan or product types e.g. part fixed and part variable OR part interest only and part principle and interest
Each split loan will have its own ongoing fee structure, creating additional expense over the life of the loan
Introductory Rate
Take advantage of a lower interest rate for a short term to get a head start
A substantially higher variable rate will apply at the end of the honeymoon period
Line of Credit
Allows easy and quick access to raise funds for personal use and/or investment
Interest rate applied will be substantially higher than a basic or standard variable rate
Repayment Types
The Ups
The Downs
Principal and Interest (Standard)
Repayments count towards your total debt, i.e. principal borrowings and interest
Fewer bells and whistles
Interest Only
For an agreed time, pay only the interest on the loan to reduce repayments
Like waiting on the tarmac - no movement on reducing your debt

Which home buyer are you?

Finding the right loan will always come down to your personal circumstances, but travel with us and we’ll fly you to your ultimate destination – the home of your dreams!

Buying Your First Home

So you’re ready to take off into the property market – great! Some banks offer loans designed for people buying their first home – with options for variable or fixed-rate loans, principal and interest or interest only, or a construction home loan, for example.

Buying Your Next Home To Live In

You’re up and away, and ready for that next home. Whether you’re keeping your first home and using its equity or swapping old for new, we can help you navigate the many loan options ahead.

Building a New Home

Construction loans are for building a home from scratch, with staggered progress payments throughout the stages of your build. This type of loan may be partly interest-only to begin with and then revert to a standard principal and interest loan, with interest and repayments calculated as funds are used.

Buying an Investment Property

Launching into investing? An investment loan is a mortgage solution for those who want to buy a property and rent it out to receive income from it, but can’t afford to buy the property without a loan. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of investing but we’re to help.

Refinancing a New Home

Refinancing is one strategy to help you get where you’re going faster, and could help you get a lower interest rate with a different loan or a different lender, sell one home and buy another, or borrow more for a renovation.

Renovating Your Property

If a renovation or extension is your dream destination, we can take you there. Like all home loans, it will depend on your unique financial situation, but there are a number of financing options that may be available to you.